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Certified Pedigrees and Dog Breeder

When you use Silver Ace Poodles’ dog breeder program, you are breeding your dog with mates who have certified pedigrees. Karen’s breeder dogs are recognized by the American Kennel Club and perfect for fathering or mothering your next litter of puppies.

• Reba–Standard Poodle 65 Lbs. 28 Inch Tall • Velvet–Black Standard Poodle 75 Lbs. 29 Inch Tall
Black Velvet

This gal is queen of the poodle pack yet at the same time knows how to let her hair down and have fun. Cindi is a real love bug and loves to give you her poodle hugs. She is 26 inches tall and weighs 65 pounds. Everybody loves Cindi, and Cindi likes to share her love. Cindi is party factored and throws big beautiful pups. Cindi comes from a long line of champions (28 total) in her 5-generation pedigree. She passes this beauty on to her pups.


Athena Goddess of Mother Earth
Athena is Silver Ace’s party girl. This girl has such a great temperament. She is the peacekeeper of the pack and a major goof ball. She will come and get her loves and then move on to do her own thing. Athena is a silver beige party with reds in her lines. This girl is so comical at times and keeps Karen guessing on what she is going to do next to keep everyone entertained. Athena also has the coveted 'Majestic', 'Palmeres', and 'Shangri-La' bloodlines in her pedigree. She comes from strong retrieving and therapy lines.

Athena has been spayed and is now for sale to the right home.



Silverace's Baby Maggie May
Miss Maggie is the small girl here at Silver Ace's. She thinks she is the queen and does her best to let everyone know. She has a great temperament and is just sassy enough to stir up trouble then sits back and watches the sparks fly. Maggie is 23 inches tall and weighs 50 pounds.

Maggie has the coveted 'Majestic', 'Palmeres', and 'Shangri-La' bloodlines in her pedigree. She comes from strong retrieving and therapy lines and passes this along to her puppies.


Maggie Mays



She is parti factor. She is 2 years and UKC CH. She is points away from her AKC CH and we are working on that. I will be breeding her to a black and white parti in 4 months, I can't wait!

New Girl

New Girl 2


• The Elegance's Sir Flame Runner

Cowboy has not faded in color or grayed with age as you can see in his pictures. Cowboy has an excellent temperament. He is such a loving, affectionate polite gentleman. Cowboy has thrown some very beautiful red standard poodle puppies all varying in size and shades of red. He is 29 inches tall and weighs 75 pounds. Cowboy comes from an excellent pedigree of health-tested poodles. He carries the Palmares, Majestic, Minarets & Shangri-La blood very close in his pedigree, only 2-generations away, which means that Cowboy has the strong red gene instead of a faint inheritance of it.

Cowboy is in retirement and looking for his forever home.



This is Wyatt he is the new addition and taking Cowboy's place in a few months. He is a very sweet boy and have big plans for him.



This is Finn-Again. He is co-owned with a friend and is in a guardian home.

Finn-Again  Finn-Again2

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