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Certified Yorkshire Terriers and Poodles for Adoption and Breeding

Adopt A Puppy In Elverta, CA

You get peace of mind when you purchase and adopt a puppy In Elverta, CA from Silver Ace Poodles. Karen believes that a fully pedigreed American Kennel Club (AKC) registration means that you are receiving the best money can buy. Her Poodle puppies and Yorkie puppies have complete pedigrees and her goal is to provide the best puppies or show-quality Toy Poodles, and Yorkies that anyone would be proud to call their own.

All puppies up for adoption in Elverta, CA, both Poodle puppies and Yorkie puppies are scrupulously examined by my veterinarian and dewclaws and tails are removed in accordance with the Standards for each breed. A certificate attesting to the condition of their health accompanies each puppy to its new home.

The Poodles

Poodles are healthy and color tested. The reds are known for fading so color testing ensures a dark, dark, red. They have a great temperament. Her poodles are confirmed from show lines and therapy lines.

Yorkshire Terriers for Sale:

• T-Cup
• Beautiful
• AKC Certified
• Babydoll Face
• Puppies
• Big Eyed
• Cobby-Body
• Small Compact Body
• Exquisite
• Apple Head
• Short Muzzle
• Cobby-Body

Poodles for Sale:

• Saint
• Standard
• Exquisite
• Short Muzzle
• Toy
• Big Eyed
• AKC Certified
• T-Cup
• Beautiful
• Babydoll Face

Female Purple with Polka Dot Collar 3.14 lbsFemale Purple with Polka Dot Collar 3.14 lbs

Female Black Collar 2.13 lbsFemale Black Collar 2.13 lbs

Blue Collar Female 2.11 lbsFemale Blue Collar 2.11 lbs

Female Grey Collar 2.07 lbsFemale Grey Collar 2.07 lbs

Female Pink ZigZag Collar 2.13 lbsFemale Pink ZigZag Collar 2.13 lbs

Male Black Collar 2.15 lbsMale Black Collar 2.15 lbs

Blue Collar Male 3.09 lbsMale Blue Collar 3.09 lbs

Male Grey Collar 3.02 lbsMale Grey Collar 3.02 lbs

Male Pink ZigZag Collar 3.15 lbsMale Pink ZigZag Collar 3.15 lbs

Male Red Bone Collar 3.12 lbsMale Red Bone Collar 3.12 lbs

Male Pink Bone Collar 2.11 lbsMale Pink Bone Collar 2.11 lbs

Male No Collar 3.06 lbsMale No Collar 3.06 lbs

Male Red Bone/Stripe Collar 2.09 lbsMale Red Bone/Stripe Collar 2.09 lbs

Reba and Wyatt had 13 puppies 8 boys 5 girls. Health tested parents.

Puppy Gorgeous Puppy

Lucy & Felix Puppies Available Now !!!

Felix & Lucy

Grey Poodle Dog

Silver GirlSilver Girl

Silver BoySilver Boy

Black BoyBlack Boy

Pancakes GirlPancakes Girl

Female Party Born September 8, 2019

Female Puppy Right Female Puppy Left Female Puppy Center

Three Red Standard Poodle Puppies Born 9/9/2019 - Two Girls, One Boy

Red Girl Pink RibbonRed Girl Pink Ribbon

Red Girl Pink Ribbon SecondRed Girl Pink Ribbon

Red Boy Green RibbonRed Boy Green Ribbon

Red Girl Purple RibbonPancakes Girl